Tere deedaar ko taras rhi hain ye aankhein,

Aa kar inke saamne is bechaini ka ant kar;

Pyaar hai jo basa is dil mein ,

Apna kar use is bechaini ka ant kar;

Raatein kaali guzaari hain jaag kar,

Sula kar mujhe is bechaini ka ant kar;

Betaab hain umr bhar se ye aankhein,

Achha kuch dikhakar is bechaini ka ant kar;

Pyaar ke liye tadpa hu bahut,

Tu aakar kareeb is bechaini ka ant kar;

Mili zindagi se niraasha hamesha,

Tu ban ke meri jeet is maayusi ka ant kar;

Mili har raah par thokre hi hain,

Tu sambhalne ki is bechaini ka ant kar;

Akela rha hu aksar zindagi mein,

Dekar mera saath kuch khaamiyo ka ant kar;

Aadatein buri hain dil se bura nhi,

Samjhakar duniya ko is paheli ka ant kar;

Dil ki apne sunna bhool gya hu,

Suna kar apne dil ki is galatfehmi ka ant kar;

Tere deedar ko taras rhi hain ye aankhein,

Aakar inke saamne is bechaini ka ant kar;

Pyaar hai jo basa is dil mein,

Apna kar use is bechaini ka ant kar…

Is bechaini ka ant kar…………

Shiv Arora



The world confined him,

To a six letter word;

But for someone,

He was a whole world.

A word i.e. FATHER,

Which only describes the relation;

But it could not define,

The scars, of the wars he had taken.

Wars for his children,

To make them survive and shine;

He embraced the pains and grieves,

And pretended that everything is fine.

Daughters are considered,

To be his princesses;

But, trust me, 

A son loves his father no less,

He always kept a distance, 

From the display of emotions;

But, his every task was performed,

With his children in his notions.

Faced the hardship of world,

To fufill his children’s desires;

Cried alone, in the darkest nights,

Sometimes even fought with fire.

Fought against all odds of life,

And been an inspiration for his kids;

Done everything for their future,

By joining pieces and bits.

Accepted every challenge always,

That life suspended in his way;

Been a steady pillar of support,

To rely when the circumstances turn dismay.

Everybody has a favourite character,

A superhero they wish to be;

My superhero will always be my father,

Who fought against the world for me.

Shiv Arora


I gave my words, the freedom to rule;

But you are the one, they always choose;

Their choice is unclear, although to me;

They always want to flaunt my grieves.

These words connect with the emotions in me;

They help me express and set me free;

From the forbidden love, I have for you;

From the formiddable pain, it set me into.

But still I love the wounds of them;

As they describe your beauty having pain in them;

The pain of love and loss at the same time;

Which I have earned by giving my every dime.

But still, I do not blame them;

Their choice is just perfect;

For, I had fallen too for the same

And still I have no regrets. 

Shiv Arora


I finally realised that I have moved on,

When my sleepless nights were no more because of you,

When my thoughts to write were no more for you,

When my struggle for happiness was eased up,

When by the call of your name I stopped being teased up.

It was then, I realised that I have been able to move on.

Shiv Arora


You crumbled her dreams

Ignored her screams

All you ever noticed was

Her dresses and jeans

You judged her as usual

Not realising being cruel

Led her to suppress her voice

You never gave her a choice

You wanted her to die

Even before her first cry

That was your mentality

Always neglected the reality

The reality that they are above

Humble and soft just as a dove

But you mistook her as weak

Misunderstanding her shriek

She was always above all

That is why God created the wall

The wall between you and her

To make you realize that she differs

You tried to bring her down

You tried to rupture her shadow

Till now she was behaving like clown

But now she is ready to glow

She does not require

Reservation’s attire

All she ever wanted

Is to dream and aspire

After all this you seek mercy

Stand for them with a fake jersey

She does not require a foe with a mask

She will now complete the task

To get back the position 

Which she has lost

She requires friends and family

And the molestation frost

The need of the hour is the change in mentality,

Without that we cannot change the reality…

Shiv Arora

The Dream I Had In The Battlefield.

Wandering to save my soul

From attacks of the world as a whole

I just witnessed an unusual zeal

The dream I had in the Battlefield.

To save the life of a child’s wish

To learn to fly being a pond’s fish

Though was not at all practical

But that was imagination of his big world

I had to fight without a shield

The dream I had in the Battlefield.

The field was mined with expectations

Of behavioural and judgemental creations

The focus was to draw away their attention

From the efforts reincarnated into passion

To give them the wings to yield

The dream I had in the Battlefield.

I fought on the front with all in me

But it was enough for only a week

I had to giveup the fight of rights

To ensure the survival of the lights

I was forced to make a deal

The dream I had in the Battlefiield.

The field was full of spectacularness

But nobody was there to harness

The energy flowed through ashes of dreams

Supported by the fear of dying screams

I was unable to fight a lead

The dream I had in the Battlefield.

Shiv Arora


I heard a voice,
Screaming and crying in pain, 
Its every effort for help went in vain. 
But then, I realized,
Its the voice of a sixteen year old girl child.
Though girl, you would have already judged by now,
but to my surprise,
she was shivering in pain, 
In the mild rain. 
Calling for help
 But she did not know, 
 the predators knew stealth.
They wanted to go and grab her waist, 
but were only standing there watching her in gaze.
For the first time in her life,
she wanted them to touch. 
Not, to physically abuse her
but, to end her search.
The search for help when she had been raped, 
But the pain she was suffering
was a little smaller than her shame.
They all criticised her, 
instead of being the pillar of support.
Not identifying the real culprits, 
who were roaming on the roads.
After thinking of the shame and her family’s reputation,
She killed all her dreams and all her aspirations.
That night another hand was longing for support,
When another little girl left the earth on that road.

Now you might be wondering,
who the hell am I to  question the world,
As I myself am not doing anything
but watching the deadly pain of that girl. 
So, let me tell you a part
saddest of my encounter as a whole.
I was witnessing the situation being a similar raped girl’s soul.

Shiv Arora


The fight is going on for centuries now. For the so called rights we fake to protect. For the only time let me tell you, they do not need any sort of protection. And that protection from whom? It’s us and only us who take no time to turn into a beast from a saint.

So let us get this straight, they do not need protection or cover and not should they. They have the very equal rights of existence and not being a prey. A prey to the so called manliness that takes pride in their beating, constantly heating, them up with the flames of fire. Sometimes, for dowry and sometimes, for character. But never realise it’s only us who have lost our character. 
After all this, you might have took me to be a woman. But let me surprise you with the reality of my identity. I am just a man who has been brought up in a family where my mother is always bossing around. Where my sisters were always preferred over me. Not due to some sort of discrimination, but because of their importance which made them preferable.
So let us take a wow to stand everytime for a woman’s rights so that, she does not need to get into any more fights. She can stand in the society as her. Never being cruel and mistaking her kindness as fear.
Let us take out our white sniffers and take a moment to bow the greatness that differs.
Shiv Arora

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